Strength & Conditioning

Philosophy: The Strength and Conditioning Program at the United States Coast Guard Academy is designed to provide student athletes with sports specific, targeted programs geared towards improving their performance in sport.  It is also the goal of the Strength and Conditioning Coach to provide the cadets with help in adopting positive lifestyle changes that will last them throughout their career in the Coast Guard and beyond. 

Every program given out at the academy is designed around three core concepts:

  1. The program is designed to be as sports specific as possible.  The unique demands of each sport at the academy demand programs that are not cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all.

  2. Each program is intended to develop real, functional, core strength.  Most exercises selected are those which can be performed while standing.  This allows the athlete's trunk muscles to remain more active and engaged compared to while laying or sitting down on a bench or machine.

  3. All programs are centered around basic, compound lifts.  Time-tested motions such as the squat or power clean are chosen over the latest gimmick exercises.


    ** Strength and Conditioning Information for Cadets **

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