Novice 8 Wins at Riverfront Regatta

Novice 8 Wins at Riverfront Regatta

HARTFORD, Conn.—The Coast Guard men's novice 8 highlighted the day as they easily won with a time of 17:03.16 at the Riverfront Regatta.

The novice eight had their first opportunity to demonstrate their boat skills in the 14th annual Riverfront Regatta. The course worked 3,800 meters up river and demanded the focus of all eight rowers: John Keiffer, Pablo Ortiz, Adam Welzant, Townshend Hirst, Kent Altobelli, Ryan Ostrander, Dan Beacon, Jeffrey Bors, and coxswain Josh Aganon.

Their hard work over the last six weeks was evident in the way they attacked the course and lead them to a 1st place finish ahead of 2nd place Trinity (17:39.31), and 3rd place UConn (19:16.82).


Men's Varsity 8 = 3rd of 8

Men's Novice 8 = 1st of 3

Men's Varsity 4 'A' = 4th of 6

Men's Varsity 4 'B' = 3rd  of 6

Men's Varsity 4 'C' = 6th  of 6