Bears Second Varsity 8 Wins Final Home Race

Bears Second Varsity 8 Wins Final Home Race

NEW LONDON, Conn.--The Bears won one of four races as the second Varsity 8 beat both URI and Vermont in the final home regatta of the season.

The Bears second Varsity 8 cross the finish line in 5:32.6 ahead of both URI (5:33.7) and Vermont (5:38.1).

URI won the Varsity 8 race in 4:37.1 edging the Bears (4:37.9) as well as Vermont (4:47.3). The Rams also won the Freshman/Novice 8 race in 5:08, UMass (5:18.6) was second, the Bears were third (5:41.4) and Vermont (5:51.2) fourth.

UMass won the Varsity 4 race in 5:11.3 while the Bears were second in 5:13.

" It was a demonstration of the work we've done in practice – we executed the first ¾ of the race well – we are looking to invest more speed into the hull in the final four hundred meters of the race." said coach Mike Shugrue about the Varsity 8 race.

Below were today's lineups for the Bears.

Men's Varsity Eight

Coxswain:  Peter Driscoll

8:  Alex Kloo

7:  Sean Murphy

6:  Andrew Horvath

5:  Cole Gingrich

4:  Luke Carani

3:  Ben McKeathen

2:  Jake Taylor

1:  Brennan Lee


Men's Second Varsity Eight

Coxswain:  Lindsay Grim

8:  John Keiffer

7:  Brendan Magnuson

6:  Dave Parker

5:  Ross Markham

4:  Cole Gingrich

3:  Justin Davis

2:  Daniel Beacon

1:  Connor Stevens


Men's Novice Eight

Coxswain:  Sarah Kukich

8:  John Keiffer

7:  Ross Markham

6:  Dan Beacon

5:  Mike Gagen

4:  Tharindu Wathuthanthri

3:  Evan Truman

2:  Pablo Ortiz

1:  Justin Davis


Men's Varsity Four

Coxswain:  Peter Driscoll

4:  Connor Stevens

3:  Ben McKeathen

2:  Andrew Horvath

1:  Brennan Lee