Youthful Bears Continue to Improve

Youthful Bears Continue to Improve
MALDEN, Mass. – The Coast Guard Men's rowing team had a match race against Tufts University. The water was relatively flat because the course is well protected, but there was a significant cross-headwind 16-20 mph for all races.

In the varsity eight which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Alexis Laskowski
Stroke - 3/c Andrew Niedbala
7 - 4/c Paul Leung
6 - 3/c Michael Brachmann
5 - 3/c Ian Hopper
4 - 2/c Logan Hutson
3 - 4/c Connor Rivera
2 - 3/c Stephen Bruno
Bow - 4/c Bradley Ragan

Coast Guard was able to jump out to an early lead and hold and then expand on the lead as the race progressed.  The men rowed a well executed race plan that allowed them to grab the lead with an aggressive first 20 strokes.  They were then able to hold the lead through the early part of the race and then expand on it, winning by 8 seconds over a determined Tufts University crew.  This was the first time in quite some time that the CG varsity eight has won a match race. "I credit their ability to successfully race their race to the quality effort we saw throughout winter workouts and the miles we were able to cover over spring break," said head coach Bill Randall.

Varsity 8
USCGA   6:23
Tufts   6:31

In the 2V event which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Aoife Dahill-Baue
Stroke - Jacob Brookhart
7 - 3/c Walter Daniels
6 - 3/c Jerett Jenkins
5 - 3/c Michael Rosenberg 
4 - 3/c Brendan Powell
3 - 4/c Evan Boisse
2 - 4/c Austin Betts
Bow - 2/c John-Paul Yalov

Coast Guard was again able to jump out to an early lead, but was chased down by a determined, higher stroking, and very fast Tufts' second eight. "Each race is an enormous step up the learning curve with two of the rowers in this eight having less than 2 months of rowing experience.  The second eight has the size and power to make some waves as the season progresses and under the leadership of 2/c (and team co-captain) JP Yalov I believe we will see improvement every week," added Randall.

Second Varsity 8 - 
Tufts   6:24
USCGA   6:34

In the 3V event which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Leah Schweigert-Opas
Stroke - 3/c Zachary Brigham
7 - 4/c Jacob Skimmons
6 - 3/c Gary Nelthrorp
5 - 4/c Zachary Kayser
4 - 3/c James Guillen-Blandford
3 - 3/c Jared Mihalcik
2 - 4/c Yasin Perez
Bow - 3/c Joshua Brown

"We were out-matched today, but were with Tufts off the line and for the first quarter of the race. After passing the 500 meter mark and experiencing some minor equipment issues our inexperience showed and we were never able to mount a charge against the Tufts 3V.  I do not know the last time that CG has been able to race three full eights of men in a match race, but it has been years, so the fact that we were able like to race and to race competitively in a third eight is a credit to the efforts of these guys," said Randall.

3rd Varsity 8 - 
Tufts   6:51
USCGA   7:12