Bears Enjoy Positive Day on Merrimack River

Bears Enjoy Positive Day on Merrimack River

LOWELL, Mass. -- The Bears had a positive day on the Merrimack River.

The race course was shortened to 1900m due to debris entangled in starting cables.  Racing with a strong tail current and a crass tail wind that built throughout the day the times were quick and hard to compare.

Conditions: floating start. Course was shortened . 13mph cross-tail wind with high water and strong tail current.

In the varsity eight which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Alexis Laskowski

Stroke - 3/c Andrew Niedbala

7 - 4/c Paul Leung

6 - 3/c Michael Brachmann

5 - 4/c Connor Rivera

4 - 2/c Logan Hutson

3 - 4/c Evan Boisse

2 - 3/c Stephen Bruno

Bow - 4/c Bradley Ragan

The morning match race was a great race to watch with the two boats trading the lead down the entire length of the course. At the sprint Colby was able to surge ahead and win by .6 seconds (about 10 feet).  While The morning race was well executed race it was a tough loss and the the rowers came into the afternoon race with even more determination.  They charged down the course hitting 38 strokes a minute for much of the last minute of the race and were able to hold off a determined UMASS Amherst crew to place third on the day. 

In the 2V event which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Aoife Dahill-Baue

Stroke - Jacob Brookhart

7 - 3/c Walter Daniels

6 - 3/c Jerett Jenkins

5 - 3/c Michael Rosenberg

4 - 3/c Brendan Powell

3 - 3/c Ian Hopper

2 - 4/c Austin Betts

Bow - 2/c John-Paul Yalov

In the morning race with Colby it was a tight race for the first 1000 meters before Coast Guard was able to break it open just a bit and win by just over 6 seconds.  The afternoon race was the 2V best race to date. For 1500 meters the race was too close to call with CGA staying right with a URI crew that was striking a rate that was several beats higher. With less than 500 meters to go CGA was able to surge ahead and take first place for the day over crews from URI, Colby, UMASS Amherst, and UMASS Lowell.

In the 3V event which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Leah Schweigert-Opas

Stroke - 3/c Zachary Brigham

7 - 4/c Jacob Skimmons

4 - 3/c James Guillen-Blandford

5 - 4/c Zachary Kayser

6 - 3/c Gary Nelthrorp

3 - 4/c Jared Mihalcik

2 - 3/c Joshua Brown

Bow - 4/c Yasin Perez

"We definitely held our own today.  The 3V was in the race the entire way and even surged into the lead near the mid-way point.  The boat rowed their best piece to-date and showed some real poise and determination," said head coach Bill Randall.

Comments: Men's 3rd Varsity 8+ 1. URI 5:29.4 2. Colby 5:28.9 3. Coast Guard 5:34.1 URI is awarded first place because of interference by Colby.