Bears Enjoy Success to Close Out Regular Season

Bears Enjoy Success to Close Out Regular Season

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Coast Guard had a very good day to close out the regular season and it was a great tune-up for the New England Championships next Saturday and the National Invitational Rowing Championships on Friday May 12th.

The Bears Varsity 8 placed second in 6:34.8 behind WPI (6:22.8), but beat UMass (6:36.28) and Boston College (6:45.48).

The Bears 2nd Varsity 8 also placed second (6:41.27) just behind WPI (6:40.57).

The 3rd Varsity8 was third in 7:17.3.


Coxswain - 4/c Alexis Laskowski

Stroke - 3/c Andrew Niedbala

7 - 4/c Paul Leung

6 - 3/c Michael Brachmann

5 - 4/c Connor Rivera

4 - 2/c Logan Hutson

3 - 4/c Evan Boisse

2 - 3/c Stephen Bruno

Bow - 4/c Bradley Ragan

With a strong start we were right in the pack before a slight bobble at 300 meters allowed WPI to move ahead and their strong crew, seeded near the very top of the NE small college teams, and they continued to move away throughout the race.  BC fell off the pace a little and than left a very tight race between CGA and UMASS.  The advantage was never more than a second or two throughout the entire six plus minute race.  "We are ready for our championship season that starts next weekend with a goal of making a statement that CGA Crew is coming back strong," said head coach Bill Randall.

In the 2V event which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Aoife Dahill-Baue

Stroke - Jacob Brookhart

7 - 3/c Walter Daniels

6 - 3/c Jerett Jenkins

5 - 3/c Michael Rosenberg

4 - 3/c Brendan Powell

3 - 3/c Ian Hopper

2 - 4/c Austin Betts

Bow - 2/c John-Paul Yalov

"This very young and inexperienced crew continues to be impressive and has shown both resilience and grit throughout the season and this weekend was no exception," said Randall.

With a good start they were locked in a battle with WPI from the word go. There was never more than a few feet separating them all the way down the course and a couple of time we were able to stick our bow out in front, but at the finish line we were just .7 seconds off WPI, but well ahead of both BC and UMASS Amherst. 

"I said for their last race that it was the best race to date - that was true again. They had a better start, a stronger middle, and showed composure throughout the entire race.  CGA has not even had a 2V in several years and this crew could make the finals," added Randall.

In the 3V event which included:

Coxswain - 4/c Leah Schweigert-Opas

Stroke - 3/c Zachary Brigham

7 - 4/c Yasin Perez

4 - 3/c James Guillen-Blandford

5 - 4/c Jacob Skimmons

6 - 3/c Gary Nelthrorp

3 - 4/c Zachary Kayser

2 - 3/c Joshua Brown

Bow - 4/c Jared Mihalcik

This was the last race for the 3V eight for this year and it was their best race.  They held with the field through the first 1000 meters and were able to row a strong, set, and determined race.  Several of the members of this crew will be departing for training so they are able to take best advantage of the summer training the Academy offers then. The coxswain and four of the eight will compete in the championship races in a four. 

"The depth that the 3V has brought to the team can not be overstated.  They have shown grit, determination, and flexibility and the entire team is better because of that," said Randall.