Bears Beat Army at Rumson Race

Bears Beat Army at Rumson Race

RUMSON, N.J. -- After overcoming some logistics challenges because of Parents' Weekend and NYC traffic the CGA rowing team had a promising start to their 2018/2019 campaign. 

The team was able to race both 1V and 2V men's eights against some good D1 competition at the Rumson Boat Rac. As 1V bow man Walter Daniels said, "We're always glad to go up against bigger schools with bigger programs because it only makes us better."

The 1V boat placed 3rd - losing to Drexel (by 11 seconds) and Rutgers (by 6 seconds) while beating both Villanova (by 5 seconds), Army-West Point (by 8 seconds) in a strong race for the boat.  As team captain Stephen Bruno described it, "We came off the line hard and kept the rating aggressive."  He went on to add, "Our speed today feels like and indication of great potential this season."

The 2V eight placed second nine seconds behind Drexel while beating Army-West Point (by 6 seconds) and Villanova (by 14 seconds) in their four team race.

The two boats included two freshmen - Paul Gerlach in the 1V eight and Brennan Suffern in the 2V eight showing the strength of this incoming class. On a team that has returned 14 of the top 16 rowers the infusion of new talent is going to make for some great competition for seats and should equate to some fast boats.  The rebuilding is near completion and it is time to win some races.

The entire men's and women's team is back in action October 6th at the Head of the Housatonic after the annual 25 mile row to Norwich scheduled for next Saturday morning.