Bears Fall to Navy

Bears Fall to Navy

NEW LONDON, Conn. -- The Bears lost a tough competition against the Navy Pistol Team in Free Pistol (1937 to 2023), Air Pistol (2125 to 2245), and Standard Pistol (2001 to 2122. Over the three match mixed-team competition, the Bears fired a 6063, while the Navy's Midshipmen fired a 6390.

Senior Brian Hills led the Bears with a combined score of 1562, firing a 540 Air Pistol, 514 Standard Pistol, and a 508 Free Pistol. Hills led the team in Air Pistol and Free Pistol, while senior Jacob Sibilski led the Bears in Standard Pistol with a 524. Junior Corrin Nolin fired a 485 in Free Pistol to fire the second best score for the Bears, while freshman Emily Burlison fired a 533 and Hills fired a 514 to place second among the Bears in Air Pistol and Standard Pistol, respectively.

In Women's Sport Pistol, Carts fired a 539 to lead the Coast Guard team to a one-point loss to the Naval Academy's women team, 1576 to 1577. The Bear's Women's air pistol team also lost to the Navy's Women Team, firing 1038 to 1084. For the cumulative Women's score, the Bears lost 2614 to 2661. The Coast Guard's Women Team defeated Navy in an earlier match-up this season. Carts was the high shooter for the Bears with a cumulative score of 875.  

Hills, sophomore Caleb Metroka, and Sibilski were members of Coast Guard's five-man team in all disciplines. Freshman Emily Burlison was a member of the five-man team in Air Pistol and Standard Pistol, she tied her personal best score in Air Pistol by firing a 533. Carts was also a member of the five-man team in Free Pistol and Air Pistol, while Nolin was a member of the Standard Pistol and Free Pistol team.

The Bears will travel to West Point to square off against the defending National Collegiate Pistol Champions this weekend.