Bears Better Team and Individual Academy Records

Freshman Helen Oh
Freshman Helen Oh

The nation's oldest seagoing service hosted its younger sister as they faced off in the Chase Hall Range Complex on November 21-22. Coast Guard and Navy battled it out over two days with Navy taking three open matches while Coast Guard swept the women's events.

Freshman Helen Oh was top gun on the Bear's open air pistol team nudging out fellow freshman Brian Kim by a point, 555 to 554, for the honor.  Another Swab, Reid Wiegleb, was in the top three shooting a 532. Sophomore Kevin Lennox and freshman Nick Woolfolk needed a tie breaker to see who would round out the team when both notched 521s with the upperclassman getting the nod. Unfortunately the Midshipmen pistol shots tallied a 2176 behind a match high 559 shot by Czerda Frank  to best the home team's 2162 by 14 points.

Oh was on a roll in air pistol and led the Bears to 55 point victory over Navy in women's air pistol with a 372, breaking an Academy record she established less than a month ago by four points. Freshman Annika Lehenbauer, 355, and sophomore Megan Van Hise, 350 rounded out the victorious team which, following Oh's example, broke the old Academy Record in the event by four points.

Navy's Frank topped all in free pistol as Coast Guard fell to Annapolis 2013 to 1961. Kim and Wiegleb were neck and neck with Kim pulling ahead for a 500 to Wiegleb's 498. Oh posted a 486 as the third shooter on the team.

In standard pistol Coast Guard took it on the chin again dropping the event to Navy 2126 to 2082. Oh and Kin were separated by one point, 536 to 535 as were Wiegleb and Lennox, 506 to 505.

Oh continued to dominate the field as she posted another match high score of 557 in Women's sport pistol. With freshmen Lehenbauer and Mary Carr, 504 and 499, as back up the Bears totaled a 1560 to Navy's 1506. 

Coast Guard had a solid performance showing great improvement and growth as it moves towards its goal of competing and winning in the Collegiate National Championships. 

Coast Guard will not see action until after the second semester when it faces Navy once again away at Annapolis on January 23-24, 2016.