Bears Fall to MIT

Kevin Lennox
Kevin Lennox
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Coast Guard Pistol competed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology over the weekend.

The Bears and the Engineers fought out in air pistol, standard pistol, and free pistol events with Coast Guard taking it on the chin in all three events, 6143 to 6227.

In Open Air Pistol, USCGA lost to MIT, 2150 to 2163. Freshman Helen Oh led the Bears with a 552, while sophomore Kevin Lennox and freshman Saranjoe Sukcha tied as each shot a 534, and Freshman Brian Kim posted a 530 for a team score of 2150.

There was a greater spread in the Standard Pistol event as MIT beat Coast Guard 2076 to 2032. Kim bounced back from air pistol to lead the Bears with a 539, Oh was next carding a 521. Lennox and Sukcha scored a 494 and 478 respectively to round out the team.

Sukcha led the team in a 1961 to 1988 loss in Free Pistol with a 511. Kim's 504 and Oh's 502 gave him some support while another freshman walk-on, Annika Lehenbauer, 444, closed out team scoring.

This match was a heart breaker as the Bears beat the Beavers of MIT 6227 to 6061 last October.

They again compete this coming weekend at home against the Mariners of USMMA, and the Bulldogs of Yale.