Bears Split at Navy to Open Season

Nick Paisker
Nick Paisker

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Coast Guard split to open the season as the Bears beat University of Sciences but lost to host Navy.

Navy finished with 4625 points, Coast Guard 4436 and University of Sciences 4332.

The Beats split the first day against Navy and University of Sciences Philadelphia falling on Saturday to the DI 14th ranked Midshipman 4625 to 4436 in a nonconference match while besting USP 4436 to 4322 in conference play.

All-Conference senior, Team Captain Nick Paisker led the Bears in smallbore competition posting a 562. Sophomore Alexandria Harrington backed him up with a 543. Freshman Dylan Lorence scored a 541 in his maiden appearance with the Bears with sophomore Randall Ford posting a 539. Sophomore Jacob Dupree's rifle suffered a sight casualty. Dupree quickly swapped out a spare set of sights, sighted in, and continued with the match. With the distraction of the broken sight, and short of time, he shot a 525, a sizable increase over his last year's average, which spoke well of his ability to stay composed under difficult circumstances. 

Harrington anchored the Air Rifle team with a 577. It was a remarkable performance as she he had minor foot surgery five days before the match and, placed on light duty, unable to train during the week leading up to the match. Paisker produced a 572 while Ford shot a triple nickel- 555, and Lorence rounded out the team with a 547