Cefali 3rd, Frost 6th After Day One at ICSA Women's Singlehanded National Championship

Cefali 3rd, Frost 6th After Day One at ICSA Women's Singlehanded National Championship

Long Beach, Calif.—(11/2/12)—Both Coast Guard sailors got of to a great start on day one of the 2012 ICSA Women's Singlehanded National Championship hosted by the University of Southern California.  Eight races were completed for the field of 18 of the country's best singlehanded sailors in breeze that ranged from 4-10 knots.

Lauren Cefali started the day very strong, finishing outside of the top-5 only once in the first six races of the day.  Conservative starting strategy and decision-making were key to her success early in the event.  Despite ending the day by finishing 10th in the last two races of the day Cefali is currently sitting in 3rd place with 45 points. 

"Lauren was totally locked on in the beginning of the day today, making very few errors," said head sailing coach Brian Swingly.  "We have a few small technique changes to make in conditions similar to the last two races, but nothing she won't be ready for tomorrow."

Christina Frost got off to a bit of a slower start, being called over the starting line early in two of the first three races.  However, she battled through the fleet well in races when she was behind and finished the day with a string of low scores to solidify her place in the top group.  Frost finished the day in 6th with 55 points. 

"Christi was clearly one of the fastest boats on the water today but made a few errors early that cost her critical points," explained Swingly.  "She did a great job in the final four races and knows what she needs to do to climb the leaderboard."

Erika Reineke from Boston College is leading the event with a mere 15 points.  St. Mary's Mayumi Roller is in 2nd with 38 points with Cefali only 7 points behind.  Only 9 points separate 4th from 9th, a group that Frost finds herself right in the middle of.  

Racing will continue at 10:30 PDT tomorrow with ten more races scheduled to decide the championship.  The forecast for Saturday is almost identical to Friday's which should benefit the Lady Bears.

"We accomplished our goal today of getting both girls into the top group," said Swingly.  "After the few tweaks we made following today's racing I'm confident both Lauren and Christi will continue to be strong contenders tomorrow."

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