Cyrus Unvala
Cyrus Unvala
Year: 2014
Hometown: Sinking Spring, PA
High School: Holy Name High School
Position: Crew

Major: Marine Environmental Science

Why did you choose to come to the Coast Guard Academy? I was in search of a meaningful way to spend my time after high school, but lacked any long-term vision for a career path. CGA offered this, in addition to a curriculum, skill set, and job that I found intriguing.

How long have you been sailing? How did you start sailing? I started sailing 2/c year at the Academy. I have always loved spending time near the ocean. Sailing was always an activity I was casually interested in, but never found the chance to get into it until coming here.

What is your favorite thing about the sailing team at Coast Guard? My team mates are my best friends. The atmosphere of the team is one that encourages an high level of competitiveness, while still recognizing the importance of an emotionally supportive community and family. I did not know that those two things could coexist until the team took me in.

What are your future sailing plans and career goals after graduation? Within the Coast Guard I'd like to pursue Antarctic and Arctic adventures. Outside of the Coast Guard, I'd like to continue to travel around the world, perhaps while writing about environmentally relevant, ecological issues. I plan to work as an outdoor educator, and eventually end up teaching science to younger people.

Tell us something that your teammates would be surprised to know about you. In middle school, I spent several evenings and weekends "aggressive inline skating" at a local skatepark.