Bears Win Both Races on Merrimack River

Bears Win Both Races on Merrimack River

LOWELL, Mass.—Coast Guard won both races as the Varsity 8 was the first of four teams while the Novice 8 beat Colby under great racing conditions, calm water and racing with the current on the Merrimack River.

The Bears Varsity 8 beat Colby, UMass Lowell and Franklin Pierce with a strong start off the line and were ahead of the field within the first 1,000 meters. Colby stayed close and made it a very tight race throughout.

"My goal for the women today, was for them to work better together – as a cohesive unit -  and they were definitely able to do that," said head coach Jen Meuse. "We look forward to tomorrow's race with Conn. College where we hope to be able to work a little more speed out of the third 500."

The Novice 8 registered the win over Colby and assistant coach Jodi Hope added "the novive eight was able to put into effect the main components they have been working on in practice. They raced with composure and maintained a consistent fight throughout."

Women's Varsity Eight

C:  Corrin Nolin

Catherine Schmitz

Brynna Cooke

Cathy Durand

5  Rosie Santrach

Maren Balke

Judy Hooymans

Elyse Bobczynski

1  Tahnee Zaccano


Women's Novice Eight

C:  Corrin Nolin

Jane Saunders

Micaela Crabtree

Ainsley Stringfield

Meredith Figgatt

Carrie Smith

Caroline Miller

Hailey Thompson

Emily Quallen