Bears Novice 8 Has Great Showing

Bears Novice 8 Has Great Showing

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass.—Williams recorded a pair of wins in both the Varsity 8 and the Novice 8 race this morning.

The Bears Varsity 8 raced a strong first thousand neck in neck with Ithaca, but lost contact at the midway point where Ithaca made an effective move through the Bears. Not able to recover their composure, Coast Guard (7:17.9) raced a disjointed second half where they finally fell to the Bombers (7:06.2), who placed second behind Williams (6:49.7).

"This was not our finest race," said Coast Guard head coach Jen Meuse.  "We didn't row clean.  We worked hard - but ended up fighting each other during that second half.  It wasn't productive.  This week, we'll be looking to correct that."

The novice 8 had their best race to date. Building off of last week's race at NEWMAC's where they put together a strong start but felt the body of the race was less efficient, the novices worked this week on blending better together and sustaining a relaxed but aggressive swing. 

Williams won in 7:28.8 while the Bears had a time of 7:35.8.

Today the novices raced very poignantly through the first 1250 meters, sticking tightly to Williams and holding off Ithaca.  A lull in their pace with 750 to go cost them some speed but they recovered quickly and regained momentum, hanging onto second place.

" I am very pleased with the tenacity these women have shown and their ability to meet each of their goals on the water today. We look forward to fine-tuning again this week in preparation for New England's" said coach Jodi Hope.

Women's Varsity Eight

C:  Lilli Simon

8:  Catherine Schmitz

7:  Maren Balke

6:  Cathy Durand

5:  Jess Ward

4:  Brynna Cooke

3:  Judy Hooymans

2:  Elyse Bobczynski

1:  Tahnee Zaccano


Women's Novice Eight

C:  Corrin Nolin

8:  Jane Saunders

7:  Micaela Crabtree

6:  Ainsley Stringfield

5:  Meredith Figgatt

4:  Carrie Smith

3:  Emily Quallen

2:  Hailey Thompson

1:  Caroline Miller