Bears Battled Pair of Top Five Crews

Bears Battled Pair of Top Five Crews

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. -- Coast Guard faced off against a pair of crews ranked in the top five nationally in Williams and Ithaca.

Williams won the V8 race in 7:03.8, Ithaca was second in 7:18.6 while the Bears finished with a time of 7:35.6.

In the Novice 8 race, it was the same order of finish as the Bears crossed the line in 7:49.8

"Today was great racing for Coast Guard. Both boats were able to hone in on some key technical facets of their rowing and put out their most effective race to date.  After some disappointing results at NEWMAC's last weekend where neither the 1V8+ or 2V8+ performed at their skill level, this weekend each woman on the squad showed up to race with a specific goal in mind for improving efficiency and maximizing power output," said Coast Guard interim head coach Jodi Hope.

"We were up against very tough competition – two crews ranked in the top 5 nationally – but the women did not let that fact temper their enthusiasm and determination to race hard and race well.  The Bears embraced the opportunity to face these leading crews and hang on for as long as they could, and they kept fighting from behind when they were down.  This weekend's racing brings renewed momentum heading into New England's," hope added.

Here were the Coast Guard lineups


C – Victoria Mock

8 – Maren Balke

7 – Cathy Durand

6 – Judy Hooymans

5 – Elyse Bobczynski

4 – Brynna Cooke

3 – Elaine Dana

2 – Emily Quallen

1 – Jane Saunders



C – Victoria Mock

8 – Karisa Maurer

7 – Emily Quallen

6 – Savannah Lyle

5 – Tasha Bull

4 – Lulu Bellm

3 – Rebekah Cottle

2 – Laura Beck

1 – Megan Sackett