Bears Close Season at ECAC Championship

Bears Close Season at ECAC Championship

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Coast Guard's Varsity 8 placed fifth in the third level final while the second eight was sixth in the Petite Final at the ECAC Championships.

The final race of the season for Coast Guard was a tumultuous one for the women.  Injuries plagued the first varsity eight, making for creative adjustments to allow the boat to race in both the morning and afternoon events. Two of the women switched sides for the day's racing to minimize the impact of their injuries.  In the strong cross/head wind, the boat struggled with set and a straight course due to the line-up changes. The boat listed to port for much of the race, and the stroke seat, Sarah Kukich, slammed her hand hard on her rigger, causing an injury to her hand.  After getting patched up at the emergency room across the street from the regatta park, Sarah came back ready to race, and completed her college rowing career stroking the eight to a 5th place finish in the 3rd level final.  To compound the issues this crew faced, a wheel broke on one of the seats in the boat while the crew was warming up prior to the final race.  Thanks to the race officials and WPI staff, the eight was able to borrow a seat in order to race. The Bears finished in 7:21.88.

The second varsity eight, on the other hand, fared much better.  This crew earned a qualifying position for the Petite Final from the morning race, placing the highest at the regatta for Coast Guard. The women battled the strong head wind conditions in both races, rowing cleanly and powerfully.  In the final, Coast Guard stayed with the pack through the first half of the race, falling back only in the second half after the other crews managed the load from the wind better and with more momentum.  It was a great finish for a crew that began the season trailing every race, and which was comprised of five novices; four of whom only began rowing this season. Coast Guard had a time of 7:58.52 in the Petite Final.

"Overall, while it was a challenging day for Coast Guard in many ways, I am very proud of the grit and fortitude the team exhibited," said head coach Jodi Hope. " They demonstrated their resiliency and adaptability to any situation, persevering despite the odds against them. Though not a glamorous end, it was an admirable one, and each woman in the program should be proud of what she accomplished today."




c - Victoria Castleberry

8 - Sarah Kukich

7 - Laura Beck

6 - Karisa Maurer

5 - Savannah Lyle

4 - Tess Heimerman

3 - Jacquelyn Dilley

2 - Tara Strauss

1 - Zoe Bolling



c - Kathryn Haerr

8 - Makenzy Karnehm

7 - Megan Sackett

6 - Savanna Fordham

5 - Jessica Baek

4 - Kirsten Sharp

3 - Maral Toukhanian

2 - Silvia Rodriguez-Rios

1 - Sarah Chen