USAA Fueling Station A New Feature for Cadet-Athletes

USAA Fueling Station A New Feature for Cadet-Athletes

Starting this Fall Coast Guard Academy cadet-athletes will benefit from a brand new Fueling Station which sponsored by USAA gives the athletes much needed nutrition before and after workouts and practice.

The Fueling Station, which features trail mix and chocolate milk, has been a big hit this season for cadet-athletes on both men's and women's teams.

"The Fueling Station is great," said junior women's basketball player Gill Gerton. "Whether athletes are finishing up from practice or from a workout or lift, the Fueling Station is a fast and easy way to get that quick protein and recovery into the body during the anabolic window."

"We would like to thank  USAA for making the Fueling Station available to the cadet-athletes at Coast Guard," said senior football co-captain Nick Lodovici. "Nutrition is a huge part of sports performance and success. To be able to get those quick calories after a hard work out or practice, is game changing."

"I love the new Fuel Station. I'm always hungry when I come up from practice and the milk and trail mix are perfect," said senior women's soccer tri-captain Terry Netusil. "Attending a school with strict meal times, it's nice to have a snack bar where I can get some much needed energy after practice and games."

"The Fueling Stations are an awesome addition to the athletic facilities here at the Academy," said junior men's basketball player Micah Baldez. "There is always a line to get some of the chocolate milk and trail mix. Not only does it taste great but it does great things  for our bodies as well. It's a great way for all the cadets involved in sports to replenish our bodies after a hard workout and to have the energy to continue to do all the other activities we have in our schedule."

Not only do the cadet-athletes see the benefit, but also the coaches are seeing the difference on the field.

"After a long day of class it is fantastic for the cadets to grab some fuel for practice," said Chris Parsons, men's soccer head coach. "Typically the cadets have been up for 10 hours by the time they hit practice and two meals isn't enough to sustain energy. The fueling station and milk for recovery after practice has added to the quality of our training sessions."

The station is open one hour before practice starts and closes an hour after practice ends.

"The new Fueling Station is a great way to help fuel our cadet-athletes for optimum performance and aid in post-training recovery," said Shaakira Hassell, the Bears strength and conditioning coach.

"My goal is to provide the best possible experience for our cadet-athletes, and the Fueling Station has been very well received," said Tim Fitzpatrick, Coast Guard Academy Director of Athletics. "They deserve our best every day, and thanks to the generosity of USAA, we are providing a tangible, positive benefit with the addition of our Fueling Station."