Bennie Dover Students Enjoy Sports and Wellness Day

Bennie Dover Students Enjoy Sports and Wellness Day

The Coast Guard Academy held its annual Sports and Wellness Day on Friday with about 125 students from grades 6-8 at Bennie Dover Middle School in New London in attendance and it was a great day of fun and learning for everyone involved.

The students were selected to be a part of the day on good behavior, attendance requirements and high scores and the rainy weather certainly didn't put a damper on the day.


"I don't think the students have commented on the weather at all, we the staff were a little concerned, but the Coast Guard staff did a great job and were able to move everything inside," said Baylee Howard, an eighth grade Social Studies teacher at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School.

The group of students rotated through six different stations throughout the day with members of the Coast Guard Academy coaching staff as well as cadet-athletes present at each of the stations to teach the fundamentals of each sport.

Four of the stations consisted of sports with basketball, football, volleyball and badminton while the other two stations were the teaching of personal defense and the use of cardio/fitness machines, as the students were allowed to try out the various machines in the Coast Guard Academy fitness center.

"Hit the birdie and not each other," joked Howard, as she watched the students learn the game of badminton. "The students have been so excited to come here today and some missed out on the trip last year. We start talking about Sports and Wellness Day at the very start of the school year so the excitement has been building since day one."

The day ended as the students enjoyed lunch in the Roland Gym before heading back to school in the early afternoon.