Dunaway Jumps into Play-By-Play Role for Men's Lacrosse

Dunaway Jumps into Play-By-Play Role for Men's Lacrosse

If you had the opportunity to watch a men's lacrosse game this past season you probably heard the newest addition to the Bears broadcast. Sophomore Hudson Dunaway volunteered to jump on the mike this past year and took on the play-by-play responsibility, giving the fans at home a more interactive viewing experience.

"Ian Logan and I were best friends in high school," said Dunaway "He even convinced my 280 pound body at the time to play on the lacrosse team our senior year of high school. I absolutely loved it. The sport is controlled chaos. It doesn't quite have the same intensity as football, which I am completely partial towards, but it definitely is a lot of fun. Coupled with the fact that most of the lacrosse players are sophomores like me, I figured I would already be down at the field most games, so why not do something I have a passion for as well?"

Dunaway grew up as a football player, watching numerous Navy football games, but had a second passion; broadcasting.

"I got started when I was around 10, listening to professionals like Jim Nantz, Gus Johnson, Al Michaels, and many others on T.V. calling football, basketball and many other sports," added Dunaway. "I started going to clinics and sessions when I was 12, traveling to the Triangle area of North Carolina to be mentored by a man named Patrick Kinas. He currently is the PBP announcer for the Durham Bulls, but recently called many Olympic events in Rio this past summer. I was also able to get one-on-one experience with Jones Angell (UNC Football/Basketball), Gary Hahn (NCSU Men's Basketball), Jeff Charles (ECU Football), and Ric LaCivita (Executive Producer for ESPN). Every time I sat down with them I tried to be a sponge, and I cannot thank them enough for sacrificing their time."

Dunaway attended Kinas' sportscaster camp when he was younger. Kinas remembers him being hungry for knowledge and an avid listener at the camps.

"Hudson attended my Triangle Sportscaster Camp a few years ago to get an idea of what our industry is truly like," said Kinas. "He was incredibly mature for his age, and his passion for sports was obvious.  Hudson immersed himself over the three days asking many thoughtful questions and spending as much one-on-one time as he could with the panel of great broadcasters who were there to help. His hand was always raised due to curiosity and a craving for more.  I'm not the least bit surprised to hear that Hudson is taking this kind of initiative to start his march towards success."

His training has shown throughout the season as many fans e-mailed head coach Ray LaForte saying how much they enjoyed his analysis and even had one parent who turned the game on while they were driving so they could listen to the game.

"In the emergence and rapid growth of our Lacrosse program perhaps the most appreciated advance was coupling our live stream with a mic'ed up commentator," commented LaForte. "Hudson brought an insight to our lacrosse streams that was high on Lacrosse IQ and CGA Cadet insight. He put in the time to research our opponent and was on point in his play by play delivery."

Dunaway has been around for numerous moments this season including records falling, playing Merchant Marine at Navy and the programs second 10 win season in only their third year at the NCAA level.

When asked about his favorite moment of the season, Dunaway rattled off a few different ones but stuck with the NEWMAC win over Wheaton.

"That is a tough question," commented Dunaway. "They went 7-1 at home, so there were plenty of moments. While I loved the nine goal explosion against Eastern Connecticut State early in the year, I would have to say the game against Wheaton. I understand the KP game was in Annapolis, but it was not a conference game, it was for bragging rights. The game against Wheaton had conference implications. When the guys came out and absolutely dismantled them, it was awesome to watch." 

Dunaway would love to stay involved with play-by-play after he graduates from the Academy, but realizes how difficult of a profession it is to break in to and find a job.

"I sincerely wish," said Dunaway. "It is a hard career to jump into without climbing the ranks. I would love to be a sportscaster and call games as my career, but it would take two things: location and pay. I would love to be a sportscaster, but at the end of the day, I need to be able to take care of my family, and sometimes the profession doesn't quite make the cut. Location is important too. I really would love to stay on the coast my whole life, so if I could find a well-paying job on the coastline, I would be signing right now."

One thing for sure, Dunaway will be back next season as the voice of the men's lacrosse team as he looks forward to covering more wins and exciting moments.

"People have told me all season long that I was doing such a good job and that they were thankful for my contribution, but I have said from day one that my job is incredibly easy when the team plays as well as they do. I am certainly excited for the next two seasons of CG Bears Lacrosse, and look forward to a playoff run and NEWMAC Championship in the future."