TOP MOMENT #8 – Bears Win Superintendent’s Trophy

TOP MOMENT #8 – Bears Win Superintendent’s Trophy

As we approach the holiday season and the New Year, we will take a look back at the Top Ten moments in Coast Guard Academy Athletics during the 2017 year.

We have compiled a list and will unveil one a day for the next 10 weekdays and culminating with the announcement of the top moment on December 29th.

We hope you all enjoy the holiday season.

TOP MOMENT #8 – Bears Win Superintendent's Trophy

For the third straight season Coast Guard won the head-to-head battle with Merchant Marine to secure the Superintendent's Trophy in which one point is awarded in each sport to the school who beats the other.

Coast Guard won the 2016-17 Superintendent's Trophy 13.5-5.5 over the Mariners. The Bears clinched the trophy when the baseball team swept Merchant Marine a doubleheader in Fort Myers, Fla. at the Gene Cusic Classic.