Bears Open Season With Win over Defending National Champion Ohio State

Kevin Bennett
Kevin Bennett

NEW LONDON, Conn. -- The Coast Guard pistol team shot outstanding over the weekend defeating defending National Champions, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Bears broke the Academy Standard Pistol Team Record, firing a 2166 which allowed the Bears to break ahead of the Buckeyes in the two day match. This is the first time the Bears have defeated Ohio State in Shoulder-to-Shoulder competition in recent times.

Led by senior Helen Oh's 528, the Bears fired their first match against the Buckeyes and were defeated by 21 points, 2024 to 2045.

Also firing for the Bears scoring team were freshman Benjamin Waalkes' 515, senior Brian Kim's 498, and junior Kevin Bennett's 483. The Bears bounced back in the second match of the weekend by beating the Buckeyes by 74 points in Standard Pistol 2166 to 2092, breaking the Academy Record.

Oh led all Bears with a 549. Providing support for the record-breaking performance were Kim's 547, Waalkes' 541, and Bennett's 529.

In the last match of the weekend, the Bears again defeated the Buckeyes in Air Pistol by three points, 2212 to 2209. Oh led the Bears with a 560. Assisting Oh in the win were Bennett's 556, Kim's 551, and Waalkes' 545.

At the end of the day, the Buckeyes initial 21 point lead was not enough to overcome the Bears winning performance and lost 6346 to 6402.

Ohio State only brought two Women shooters to the match and could not fill out the three Woman team. Oh fired the high score for the Bears and shot a 375, followed by sophomore Esther Choe's 362, and sophomore D.J. Corbett's 343.

Firing her first competition for the Bears was freshman Jo St.Ledger with a 316. Oh led all in women in Sport Pistol with a 550, followed by Choe with a 518, and St.Ledger's 429.

The Bears will compete on the road at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., 20-21 October 2019