Bears Sweep Navy

Esther Choe
Esther Choe
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- The Bears swept Navy in all open events in shoulder-to-shoulder competition. The Bears finished with 6430 points to Navy's 6124.
The Bears handed the Midshipmen a loss in the three open Pistol events over the weekend. Senior Helen Oh led all competitors in Free Pistol with a 531, with the Bears winning their first event over Navy, 2026 to 1920.

Also scoring for the Bears were freshman Ben Waalkes firing a 519, senior Brian Kim with a 498, and junior Johnny Ly with a 476. With a 106 point lead going into Standard Pistol, Oh again led all shooters with a 551 in Standard Pistol and the Bears had their second victory over Navy, firing an Academy Record Score 2183 to 2017.

Rounding out the scoring team was Kim's 546, Waalkes' 545, and junior Kevin Bennett's 541. A 272 point lead going into the last of the three Open events was too much for Navy, and they lost to the Bears in Air Pistol. Oh led all competitors in Air Pistol with a 562, with the Bears winning their third event over Navy, 2221 to 2187. To help in the victory were Kim's 549, Waalkes' 560, and Bennett's 550.
In Women's Air Pistol, Oh fired a 378 to lead the Women's team and tied the Navy's women air pistol team with a 1082 team score. Navy won the tie breaking procedure. Rounding out the Bears Women's team was sophomore Esther Choe's 364 and freshman Jo St.Ledger's 340 on her maiden trip into the top three scorers.

The Women's Sport Pistol team lost to Navy 1595 to 1597. Oh led the Bears with a 551, and Choe with a 519, and sophomore D.J. Corbett with a 525.