Records Fall at Presidents Cup

Hunter Blankenship
Hunter Blankenship

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- A record breaking effort by Coast Guard was unable to lift them above Air Force, Army, and Navy, at the 2018 Presidents Cup shot at Navy.

Sophomore Seth Strayer topped the Bears scoring in smallbore with a 566. Another pair of sophomores, Hunter Blankenship and Grayson Wheeler pitched in with a 563 and 560 respectively. Rounding out the scoring quintet was freshman Bryce Sturtz, 551, and sophomore Anthony Contreras who posted a personal best of 550. The 2790 aggregate score bested the old Academy record five person team record, which had stood since 2007, by eight points.

Blankenship shot a 581 personal best in air rifle to anchor the team's successful run on the five person team record. Wheeler tied her personal best of 580 with Sturtz and Strayer on her heels shooting a pair of 579s. Captain Marshall Grant's personal best of 568 put the icing on the cake as the Bears moved the record up by 26 points. In the process they also broke, by a single point, the four man team record set just the week before against Army.

Sterling efforts by sophomore Aiden Uvanni, who recorded a personal best of 567, and freshman Dalton Stoves, who matched him, show a developing depth the team has lacked.

When smallbore and air rifle sores were combined the total of 5677 shattered the old Academy record by 66 points. With one match left in the first half of the season the team has broken team records in air rifle three times and tied the individual mark while establishing new high marks in three smallbore team events and matching one individual record.

The Bears, 2-8 overall and undefeated in conference, close out the first half of the season, which they spent entirely on the road, against MIT on November 17th.