Offshore Proves Consistent at Storm Trysail Intercollegiate

Offshore Proves Consistent at Storm Trysail Intercollegiate

LARCHMONT, NY The Storm Trysail Foundation annually hosts one of the largest and most unique event on the intercollegiate calendar. Generous local owners loan their prized race boats to over 40 competing schools for the Columbus Day Weekend event.

Coast Guard Academy entered their own 'Glory' into the six boat J/44 Class competing against teams from Navy, Army, SUNY, Mass Maritime, and Maine Maritime.

With Hurricane Matthew a safe distance to the south, competitors were greeted by cool and cloudy conditions with moderate breeze on Saturday followed by heavy-air and downpours on Sunday.

Glory was raced in her inshore one-design configuration with a crew complement of nine cadets. The lineup included Skipper Riely Brande '18, Tactics Will Colomb '18, Mainsheet Trimmer Andrew Goetz '18, Jib Trimmer Zachary Groce '18, Spinnaker Trimmer Erin Wright '18, Pitperson Will Gigantelli '18, Tailer Margaret Arocho '20, Bowman Peter Reeve '16, and Mastman Edward Walker '20.

Starting Bowman JM Depew '19 was out this week while he recovers from a thumb injury suffered at the Shields Cup. Team Captain Peter Reeve '18 moved up to the pointy end and was replaced on the mast by Edward Walker '20. "This was Edwards's first regatta with the team and proved his worth among the foredeck crew immediately", said Head Coach Jack Neades. During a spinnaker set in the 4th race part of the sail filled with air before being fully hoisted. Ed was going at full speed hand over hand on the halyard as the 35 pound sail went unexpectedly weightless for a brief moment. Caught by the sudden slack in the line, Ed began to fall backward but never quit hoisting the sail. "His body went from standing down to horizontal back to standing upright again just as halyard was made and the spinnaker was set. It was one of the best saves we've seen"

Glory went on to win race 4 and finish an impressive second overall in the J/44 Class. The team's ultra-consistent 2.0 point per race average could only be beaten by Navy's near perfect 1.2. As the season progresses, both Navy and Coast Guard have started to separate themselves from their New England and Mid-Atlantic rivals.

The next event for the Offshore Bears will be the ICSA Big Boat East Coast Championships for the MacMillan Cup at the US Naval Academy on October 22nd & 23rd