Dana Rohde Named Quantum Women's Sailor of the Year

Dana Rohde Named Quantum Women's Sailor of the Year

Norfolk, VA (May 25, 2018) – The Quantum Women's Sailor of the Year and Women's All-American and Honorable Mention were announced during an awards presentation at the Sperry College Sailing Women's National Championship at the Old Dominion Sailing Center.

The Quantum Women's Sailor of the Year is awarded annually to an individual who has performed at the highest level of competition in district and national championships. The ICSA All-America committee evaluates with great detail all of the finalists' results and calculates the winner.

Quantum believes that women sailors should receive the same recognition that male sailors receive in the sport to acknowledge their excellence in sailing and continue to foster the growth of women's sailing.

There was only one finalist this year, which shows how dominant this sailor was on the women's circuit and how deserving she is, this year's Quantum Women's Sailor of the Year is Dana Rohde (Richmond Hill, Ga.), U.S. Coast Guard Academy '18. Rohde had an incredible year of competition, winning eight women's events and placing second in A-division in the 2018 Sperry College Sailing Women's National Championship. She has also been named a Women's All-American and honorable mention every year of her college sailing career.

"Her record definitely stands alone this year," says Ian Burman, chair of the ICSA All-America Committee, of Rohde.

"This award honors the most elite in the sport and she is most certainly that," says Brian Swingly, head coach for U.S. Coast Guard Academy. "I am proud and thrilled for her, she is an incredibly professional athlete who works hard everyday to make herself and teammates better. I cannot think of anyone more deserving."

Rohde started sailing at age 6 in the Savannah, Ga. area. Her father is a sailor and graduated from U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point and managed to turn her mother into a sailor also. Rohde is not the first in her family to sail at Coast Guard, however, she has two older sisters, Devon Rohde '15 and Krysta Rohde '11, who paved the way.

"I never expected to win this," says Rohde, "This year was about doing the best we could and that was my focus. This is the best way to end my women's college sailing career. It will be a reminder of the great time I had sailing in college and the great friends I made."

Photo courtesy of Rob Migliaccio.