Bears Advance to Gill Coed National Championship Finals

Bears Advance to Gill Coed National Championship Finals

NEWPORT, R.I.—The Coed Sailing Team finished seventh in the Gill Coed National Championship Western Semifinal to advance to the finals. The finals, which will include eighteen qualifiers, will begin on Thursday May 30. A total of thirty six races across two divisions will be completed to determine the National Champion.

The conditions were near perfect on the first day of competition in the semifinals. An easterly breeze that slowly shifted to the southeast and ranged from 8-14 knots allowed eight races to be completed in each division. The Bears found they had a speed advantage in these conditions and used that to solidify themselves among the top group on the leaderboard. Propelled by consistency – having only one race outside of the top ten in each division and three race wins in B-Division – Coast Guard sat in a comfortable fifth place overnight.

Day two offered a chance to sail in different conditions with a northerly breeze that slowly faded throughout the day. While other teams fought to qualify, the Bears coasted to the finish line, posting several more top five finishes and ending the day in seventh overall with 194 points.

Mack Fox and Christina Nothacker sailed the majority of the races in A-Division with Andrew Widmeier stepping in for the final two races of the series. The trio finished ninth with 118 points. In B-Division, Gage Schoenherr, Brian Nelson, and Walter Gnann finished fourth with 76 points. Schoenherr and Nelson finished within the top-5 in eight of the twelve races they sailed together, winning four of them.

The scores are wiped clean for the finals as teams compete for the national title and the Henry A. Morss Memorial Trophy for the next two days. Live scores throughout the event can be found here and live streaming coverage can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Rob Migliaccio.